Fairytale of New York

I am going to be so pleased to stop these ridiculous xmas song titles lol… I am suddenly feeling very positive and fabulous about tomorrow and my new year. :) LOOK at my new jumper I bought (HQ for a tenner!) AND my new hair cut!!! What do you think?

I have been to my friend Joana’s for the last couple of days and I have had such a amazing time! I went to see Burlesque starring Cher and Christina Aguleria and I thought it was AMAZING! It was so good! And of course the fact that there was a lot of singing and dancing in it always makes it a lot more barable :) hee hee… You should go and see it, you really would love it :)

We also got 14″ pizza, pringles, cookies, cheesecake and all sorts of nibbles and sat up and watched The Rebound starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Justin Batha (how is HOT by the way, not fit hot but cute hot lol!) That was amazing! And I loved the slosh of it haha! We then moved onto The devil wears prada, which is always a must on a girly film night :) Then today we went to Lakeside and had a mooch around, but I didn’t buy anything :( then back to her for girly chats and Ocean’s Eleven! I have jost got in and have had the most fabulous time and I think I really have got a friend for life in my little Jojo! :) Shes hopefully taking me to Camden next week sometime as I have never been.

We are also making a bucket list for 2011; on the list so far is to be a part of a gospel sunday service and experience the singing and dancing and happiness that they celebrate. I’m not religious at all, but I have alsways wanted to do this and it is going on the list :) The second thing is to have our little tootsies nibbled by the toothless Parana’s (not sure if I spelt that right!?!?) I think it is pretty cool. I do have pretty ticklish feet though, so I’ll probably just sit there and giggle the whole time! haha!

So there you are, I will be posting my new years post tomorrow so please have fun this evening and I will speak to you all tomorrow :)

Peace and love xxx


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