Auld Lang Syne

2010 is nearly over but what’s next? There is still a little bit of time left in the year and I feel that a review is in order haha! That sounded very official indeed! Haha… so in 2010 I….

  1. Went to New York City with my Mumberly and Sister
  2. Ran 3 miles in the comic relief run raising £231.87 for the charity!
  3. I passed my science course with a “B” – No idea how lol!
  4. I done my first ever boot sale haha!
  5. I joined a gym! And went ever day for a whole month! (Then I gave up! Haha)
  6. I saw the amazement that is Jay Z!
  7. I got into two universities but of course picked the best one… Greenwich!
  8. I went to see Alan Carr!
  9. I made some fabulous new friends at university.
  10. I broke my big toe :/
  11. I quit my crappy awful job and got a much better one that doesn’t make me miserable anymore.
  12. I have started my journey to becoming a fabulous Primary art Teacher with flare and brilliance! Haha!


So, there you are. Pretty eventful I feel and a general great year! I mean, no bad things have really happened and if they did they will only lead to good :) Christmas is officially over and with that out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about 2011 and the new things I wish to do in it…. there are obvious and more random ones. Let’s see….

  1. Pass my first year at University with a 2:1
  2. Go away on a “friends” holiday :)
  3. Read at least 8 books… (not sure why 8 but 8! haha)
  4. Loose a little bit of weight as I feel a bit self conscience at the moment and that’s never good!
  5. Don’t complain so much and be grateful for the lifestyle and health that I have.
  6. Get my own car! Pretty please let me find the perfect one for the perfect price! Haha!
  7. Hopefully do the cancer walk with some friends dressed as pink fairies! (Any takers?)
  8. Buy gorgeous clothes! :)
  9. Learn to play the piano again! (Properly this time… not just chopsticks and fur elise!)

  10. Get my feet nibbled by Parana’s (with Joana)

Keep tuning in for the brand new look of coming veryy very soon! :) And I wish you all a fantastic New Year and I hope you all see the New Year in with happiness and with all the ones you love :)

Peace and love xxx

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