Some bargain finds and my first attempt…

So I didn’t end up going to Camden yesterday :( because of the stupid weather and because my friend, Joana had to go back to Uni, so it’ll have to wait until another time :( But I did have a fabulous time in Colchester on Wednesday and I have decided that I will share my bargain finds with all you lovelies :)

This beautiful lace backed maxi dress is from H&M! It is absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy with it :) It was originally £30! Which I don’t really think is that much as it is so lovely. But I managed to grab it for just £15 :) I was thinking of just wearing simple gladiator style sandals and a single pendant. What do you think? I love it! Just want to summer to be here now lol!

This short with the lovely pointy shoulders comes from Topshop :) Isn’t it lovely! So lovely that I got two! haha! They were originally £18 but I managed to get it for an amazing £3! Yes you heard me right! I tried it with this little bow I found an I quite like it. My grey suit harem pants look great with it too! So bonus all round :) haha…

So there you are, just a couple of my bargain finds in good old Colchester. I really did have a lovely couple of days :)

Peace and love,


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