“I am quite impressed if I do say so myself “

So it is a week into 2011 today and it was time to weigh myself (once again!) haha! I am only going to weigh myself once a week and I’m not going to become crazy that I must do it every single day, just every Saturday morning :)

So, this week I have lost a whopping 4lbs! Not bad ay? And I am already feeling healthier. :) It’s weird how quickly it can make a difference lol… I am quite impressed if I do say so myself haha!

I also went to see “The Kings Speech” last night, starring Colin Firth and Helena Bonham-Carter(I hope I spelt her name correctly.) It wasn’t my usual film to go and see, but it was AMAZING! The storyline (being ver historical and true) was so well shown through the way it was filmed. It was brilliant. And you can really get a sense of the frustration of the King (George VI) and how he just wanted to live up to his Father. (George V.) Here’s the trailer for you, but it is definitely worth a watch :)  

Plans for the rest of the day and quickly nipping out to Romford to get some ink I (as I was trying to be a cheap skate and order it online – it still hasn’t arrived :() and then it’s some uni preparation ready for Monday. What fun.

Peace and love,


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