“both equally gorgeous, but…”

I am extremely tired but my placement is over for another couple of weeks :) Not such a good thing as I am loving it… but it is when it comes to my sleep haha! I am so tired… I am already in my pj’s and it’s not even half 7! haha! It’ll be worth it in the end…

I would actually kill for a pair of THESE for my PE lessons haha… green or burgundy haha.. i can dream.

Speaking of dreaming (did you like my link there…?) does anyone know any “what do my dreams mean? websites? Let me know :)

THESE and THESE are both equally gorgeous, but I quite tempted to the black ones… maybe I should stop buying so many black shoes though haha – thoughts.

I had an awesome night out with Miss Rogers last night. We didn’t end up going to the cinema because the times were all funny lol…. but we went to Frankie and Benny’s and still had a lovely evening. I really enjoyed myself and I am really quite a lucky girl to have her as a friend :)

I am very excited :) I am booking paris in 2 days! haha! How exciting, I can not wait and I can’t wait to see the Eiffel Tower, and the Moulin Rouge and the Louve and the River and all of it :)

Peace and love,


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