Paris Wish list…

So Paris is being booked later on today and I am so excited :) I cannot wait, I have always wanted to go and I am determined to get some nice bits and peices just for those few days haha! So here are a few items I found that I really would like, what do you think?

  1. THIS is absolutely stunning and would look great with my boots from BEFORE….
  2. THIS or THIS!
  3. THIS is lovely, if not for Paris, than for my holiday in August… Oh wait I’m going off track lol
  4. I do like a BIG RING :)
  5. THESE are a bit chic and look very comfy indeed! Haha! Comfort and fashion! Their perfect!

So there’s just a few bits and pieces! haha! Only a very few, I have lots more things that I would like :) haha! Anyway have a good weekend and enjoy yourselves, because it’s back to work on Monday :(

Peace and love,


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