“…and thinking logically again haha!”

So, since my very beautifullyย rested weekend, the university work has piled on again. you wouldn’t beleive the amount they set you and for such a short amount of time before they want it back :/ Today I got so much of it done and it is such a weight off my shoulders…. I was so stressed, but I am a little more focused and thinking logically again haha!

I really wanna see this film…. it looks so good and it is a little bit rocky-ish. Think I say the trailer for it when I went to see The King’s Speech…. I will put the trailer at the bottom for all you lovelies :) It’s got the guy form the new made italian job in it… The fighter.

The only thing has got me through all this work today is my itunes library. I’ve had a Pink Floyd, The Stones, Jay Z, Rihanna, and Christina Aguleria day! Haha! I really don’t get those people that say they only like one type of music. Weird.

It is the weigh-in day on saturday and I really hope I have lost a little more :) So, I will doing a weigh-in blog very very soon :)

Paris is being booked very shortly and I have bought a new leather jacket just for this occasion. I cannot wait :) It’s on my bucket list and it’ll be great to cross it off. My Sister, has also presuaded me to go to the Catacombs in Paris… Check it out HERE! Creepy, but exciting.

Peace and love,


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