“I fear it is going to be full of…”

Since 1st January 2011, I have been dieting and have now managed to lose… 10lbs! Woop woop! I am so happy and I think I will be joining the gym for september as I have a lot of time off from University :) I am so excited… and happy with myself. I haven’t had any crisp, cakes, chocolate, biscuits or anything else naughty, and I haven’t really missed it… I think that once you are in the mind set of losing the weight, YOU CAN DO IT! haha…

Also this week, I came across this pretty nifty blog…. diet coke blues. It is very Stones focused and I really quite like it :)

IΒ am off out with my uni girlies tonight, to Sugar Hut. And based on the fact that it is what “Only way is Essex” is famous for, I fear it is going to be full of Essex Wannabes…. Shall see how it goes :/ haha…

I am going to try and get Paris booked this week, but my Sister needs to find out her time off! haha! As soon as she knows, we are booking it! haha!

Bit of a random one today, but thought I would check in…. going to try and get some more work done and then chill and watch films before going out later on…

Peace and love,

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