“Geek. I know. haha!”

So today, I am going to do a lot more University work and then I am going to chill. I think it is so important to re-charge when you are having a crazy amount of work to do…

Kandee Johnson had some really inspiring words this morning. I love Kandee Johnson and I really do think that she helps so many people, I find it strange (in a good way!) that she has never met these people, but they class her as a friend. Pretty cool. Right? I wish I was a little bit more like her, she always looks on the positive side and she is such a good person.

I am so excited for Paris and I have bought a new bag for it and everything! It’s kinda like a vintage old fashioned tapestry bag, but it really reminds me of a Mary Poppins bag haha! It was from eBay and was only Β£12 and it is perfect and just the right size to hold three days worth of clothes lol…. I just need to plan what to take haha! Here’s a little Paris clip I found… Geek. I know. haha!

I was thinking would you guys like to see what sort of “what I have bought recently” blog? It might be fun and you might see things that you like and you could get them too! haha!

Peace and love,


3 thoughts on ““Geek. I know. haha!”

  1. It shall be coming to a laptop near you very soon haha… it is due to come out in a few weeks and I will be taking you on a little trip of paris with…. well you! haha! x

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