These are a few of my favourite things…

First things first, my little plate of sparkly goodness. I have done blogs before on my rings, but they really are my favourite things and if I don’t wear a ring to  Uni or whatever, I honestly don’t feel right haha! I have rings from all over the world; Forever 21 in New York, A hotel shop in Egypt, V&A Museum in London, and then the more everyday places; River Island, H&M, Primark, New Look, Peacocks…

 My Memories board: full of tickets, photos, poppies from red poppies days, 3D glasses from films I’ve seen, oh and a shot glass necklace thing from New Years Eve. I love it. I made it myself and I basically bought a cheap canvas, painted it purple and then weaved pretty pink ribbon across it to hold everything in. I also bought a gigantic head band with a huge purple flower on it, which I cut off and glued onto the top :) So go and have a try :) It’s fun!

All of my lovely bracelets (some of which haven’t come off for like 10 years!) haha! I have my “links of london” one, that I bought me and my Sister matching when we started Uni. My Nanny bracelet (basically what I was left from my Nan. Me, my Sister, my Mum and my Aunt have matching.) My artful angel (minus the angel) bracelet that I got for my 18th Birthday from my Mum. My newest addition: my purple weaved one from my bestest friend Briony for Xmas.

My new obsession with pencil skirts! Lol, I have always love the 50’s fashion, but now I have gone pencil skirt crazy. This one was only £10 and I think it lovely :) I wish I could wear them in he daytime, but I need to find some fun shoes, that aren’t heels to do this… any ideas?

And of course all of my lovely clothes in my wardrobe haha! I honestly love every single piece and have started to buy some really classic and nice things lately that will last me a lot longer than when my whole wardrobe was Primark! lol! Oh the joys of having a student loan :) What else is it for? Haha!

I hope you all have an absolutely brilliant day and that you all do something fun :)

Peace and love,

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