“I was nibbled within a inch of my life!”

Well I have finally crossed off one of my New Years things. I was nibbled within a inch of my life! haha! It was one of the most bizarre things ever! I still don’t know if I liked it our not… I would definately have it done again because my feet feel absolutely gorgeous! :)

I paid £10 for 15 minutes, and it is supposed to be even more amazing for people who are diabetic as their little nashers get the blood circulating again! I know cool right? I went to Appy Feet at Lakeside shopping centre, but there are loads of places availabel for you to join in the fun! :) You can also get your hands done! Now THAT would be weird!

I went to see Lisa sing again at Edge in Romford last night, she was so good and I definately think she was the strongest from the night (as she was last time too!) I really don’t understand why people who can’t sing, think they can and then choose to share their lack of tone with a room full of people. Baffled. Lisa, however, was very good indeed :)

I have just finished work and I am so happy, I don’t have to see that place for a whole 2 weeks! Woop woop! Can’ wait and in that time, I will have handed in all these awful essays, been to paree avec mon souer and I am aiming to finish my book :) So life is generally good right about now :) Tonight’s plan is Keith, films, tidying and a nice long soak! lol…

Peace and love,



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