“… is a bit of funny thing…”

So to suddenly feel grateful is a bit of a funny thing. But suddenly, whist highlighting really boring information about counting and addition. I do. It’s so strange but there’s no reason for it at this very moment, I just am :)

I am at University – something some people in some don’t have the opportunity to do. They might not even be able to read and write. I am going to be a fun Teacher and not dress the same teachery way and act Teachery. I am going to be fun! (Above: Me in my Uni Hoody after the freshers fair :))

I have THE most amazing family and friends – I cannot wait until the summer when most of them come home and I will be able to see them more. I know I can depend on them for absolutely anything that I need. (Above: Me and Joana at Wireless 2010 – JAY Z! – I was in my brunette era! ha!)

I can go on holidays – I am going to Paris in a couple of weeks, and the away somewhere hot in the summer :) Which is going to be so much fun! (Above, Me and Terri in Central Park, NYC, USA!)

I am healthy and happy – I don’t have any worries about anything (health wise) If I wanna do something there isn’t anything there to stop me… all I have to do is get up and do it :)

I had to add this picture as I work up and this was my view, absolutely beautiful! So all in all I am one very lucky lady :) hee hee! I love that I suddenly felt this way and I cannot wait for this week and then Paris next week! :) Excited much?

Peace and love,


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