“I want one of these tops (above!) “


You may have seen my blog last week… and Paris is just 2 days away! I am so excited and it will be so lovely to just get away from everythin for a couple of days :) I am so excited and literally cannot wait! Eeeeeek! I want one of these tops (above!)  I am also having a week off from Uni work this week :) I indeed to get back to usual next week, however, I have been workin so hard, I think I need a break in order to get back to normal lol… my poor little brain.

How amazingly brilliant are these?? I found them in Primark for just £2.50!! I can’t waitto wear them out, thinking of wering them with a plain black dress or some summery denim shorts. Would look good with either! But I just love them and they are definately one of my best buys for this week! :)

I have just dyed my hair and think it looks pretty nice indeed :) I hope it goes nice in Paris :) Oh and, what did you think of my painting???

I am very much enjing my Keith’s Richards book, Life. It is such a good read. Unfortunately I can’t take it to Paris becasue it’s too big and I think it will weigh a ton to carry around the whole of Paris! lol… So, I’m going to find a little book to take to Paris to read on the train :)

I love love LOVE Sandra’s newest blog. She seems to put outfits together so well and I don’t understan how they always come out so well.I do wonder if she plans eaxactly what she is going to wear, or does she just throw it all on and that’s how it comes out lol…

Anyway, peace and love (and butterflies of excitement!)


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