Wants and wishes.

So, this took me soooooo long (like literally 2 hours! haha!) but here you are, some beautiful things for my wants and wishes list :) Hope you like some/all of them. My favourites are the caramel maxi (left) and the red polka dot dress… I may have to rob a bank to get all of this! haha!! Here you are:

Caramel Studded Maxi dress // Topshop: £150
Floral playsuit // French Connection: £68
Purple silk vest with zip back // New Look: £16
Feather earrings // New Look: £5
Aqua butterfly shoes // Schuh: £70
Beige charm belt // Matalan: £3
Chain bangle // New Look: was £10, now £3
Colourful wedges // H&M: £29.99
Camel aztec trousers // Dorethy Perkins: £30
Half up bow shirt // Internationale: £16.99
Heart Earring Studs // New Look: £3.99
Red Polka dot dress // Topshop: £32
Gold sheer maxi dress // Topshop: £55

Well, after all that photoshopping I am a tired little Polly May haha! I hope that you have all had a fantastic week, I have! And I will be backing blogging very soon indeed! (I really fancy oreos and milk! haha!)

Peace and love,


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