London. Paris. NewYork.


So, having now been to the three best cities in the world, I thought: best do a blog on it! I am definitely a city girl as opposed to a country girl. Mud and Cows, no thanks! Haha! All the photographs, above are original and taken with my very own fingertips :) I have just turned them black and white as there were too many colours all together haha! So, let’s start with the newest one:

Paris: I absolutely loved my time there and they is just so much to see. It was so lovely to spend some much needed Sister Time with my Big Sister too! :) It is so pretty, however, I did think that some areas had been a little spoilt by tourist-y-ness. You know? The feel of Paris had gone in some areas. But I did love it all the same. I also expected the girls to be very designer crazy and stick thin, but it really wasn’t like this at all.

London: Obviously London is great! I live in (well near) London and I love it. I can easily go up there for the day and lose myself. I get the train down to South Kensington and go to the V&A, then Oxford street and Petticoat lane on the way home. Perfect. London, is a very tourist-y area, of course, but this won’t spoil it for me :) haha! London also has a lot of history, which I love and I am ashamed to say, I don’t know everything about everything, but that’s just part of being a London Girl :) There is always new stuff to find out :) (Oh and without London there would be no Stones! haha!)

New York: I am in love with this city. I plan to live there for a little while of my life and I just love it! Words cannot actually explain how much I miss it sometimes. I mean, it’s incredible. The feel of it, the things to go and see, the museums, the art, the fashion. Everything. I honestly can’t think of one bad thing about this city. I wish I had like a second home there and I could flit between the two cities. Haha! If I could move all my friends and family out there with me, I would go tomorrow. Hopefully, once I have my degree, this will give me extra points and they will want me! Haha!

ompletely not linked, as I wrote this blog up 14 hours before, but I got facebooked this…. CLICK HERE! Sign maybe??

On a side note: I have been to uni today and got my Science folder back – 1 big fat pass! :D not bad ay? I think it’s a okay grade. I am going to join the gym, I have decided, just gotta look around and see where has the best offers on at the moment. Have a fantastic Thursday! :)

Peace and love,


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