Sugar. Sugar. Sugar!

I have had a really nice chilled weekend. I bought my training trainers ready for my marathon. Find out more info by clicking SPONSERSHPS above and SPONSER ME HERE! :) And I had a cross trainer coming. I have also bought another batch of slim fast. As I have so much time off from work (as of Wednesday,) I plan to really get going with it. :)

So… I don’t usually do reveiw type blogs, but I felt it was time for a change an I just had to do it haha! :) I love Jessie J’s new album – Who you are. I bought it from for just £8.99 and have literally not stopped playing it since it came in its’ little brown envelope.

Surprisingly, I prefer some of her none released songs, as opposed to her realeased one. Mama knows best – is a great tune and a real sing along number, however, I also love Nobody’s perfect. It is a really good album and has such a variety of types of music on it…..

My absolute favourite one is Who’s laughing now. The intro is amazing and I love the quick pace of it…. here’s a little rehearsal video that I found on youtube! Go buy it now! haha!

Well, I’m off to finish my lazy Sunday…. enjoy yours everyone!

Peace and love,

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