“…we are going to Cocktail it up!”

So I haven’t written for a few days, but I have been CRAZY busy :) lol…. My good news (that I mentioned in my last blog!) is that I am back at my school that I absolutely LOVE IT! Today was my first day back and it went so well, some of the children even remembered me! lol… YAY!

So at the weekend, (I worked all of it…) I managed to spare some time and drive down to Colchester for my Sister’s birthday (above – Me right, and my sister Terri left) and we went out for a lovely meal. I got to meet all her  Colchestian people and generally have a very nice time indeed! It was lots of fun :)

I am determined to do more walking, I walked to school today and I walked to work over the weekend…. I plan on walking as much as possible. Any advice would be much appriciated.

I have decided that I am definately going to get my tragus peirced, I just need to work out where to go, as I know nothing about peirce-y stuff lol….

Don’t forget to sponser me! :) I will love you forever.

I am going to London on Friday night and cannot wat… it’s all just so exciting! lol… My friend’s Sister is 18th and I have got her a little something and we are going to Cocktail it up! :) Eeeek! I have bought the most gorgeous bright red dress (below!) for the occasion, but have no idea whatsoever to wear with it. (Shoes, jewellery, hairstyle, jacket – oh and tights or legs out?) HELP!

I am currently watching “A Cinderella Story” and planning a science lesson…. haha! What a multi-tasker…. I really hope you have a fabulous Monday Evening everyone!

Peace and love,


One thought on ““…we are going to Cocktail it up!”

  1. Red dress is gorgeous, and wait till you come up to Colchester to get your Tragus done, I’ll take you in to see Dickie. He’s very good (my eyes didn’t even water when I had my nose done), really quick, and quite cute (lol). I think that a tragus piercing is £20 and it’s somewhere I have been, and I know lots of people have been, and I know they’re really good. We send lots of people over there from the shop too. Maybe we could go when you come up to stay? xxx

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