Goodbye March, Hello April.


So it’s the last day of March and it has been pretty awesome: I picked up my car :) I have celebrated handing in all my folders – and passed them, in order to celebrate. haha. I have been to Paris with my Sister, which was amazing! I finished my Rolling Stones Painting – which I now look at on a daily basis haha! I bought Jessie J’s album. I have reviewed and loved my one year anniversary of blogging. Been to Colchester to celebrate my Sister’s birthday!

So all-in-all, a very good month. So I wonder what April will hold? I will be handing in all my essays, starting to plan to go onto my Teaching block for 6 weeks, get my tragus peirced. Hopefully see Terri some more. Finish my Keith Richards book. And whatever else comes my way. :) I do want to tone u a little bit more though :) – so that’s a good aim :)

Time is a funny thing. Sometimes I really do wish that I could go back in time, to a certain memory or treasured thought. And then when you’re waiting for something, it seems to take forever. haha! And now for some cheesey “Time” videos :)


 Peace and love,


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