A quick catch up.

So, apologises for my awful non-bloggingness, but I promise to make it up to you this week coming :) This week I completed my time at my school (the just for fun one! haha!) I was kinda sad to leave, but all good things must come to an end! haha! I really can’t wait to be a teacher!!!! I wish I wasn’t so impatient, but I really am! haha! I also went to Sugar Hut on Friday (where DJ Dave Johnson aka my Sister’s boyfriend was playing.) which was fun. :) Other than this I have been working and not much else lol…. so let’s get on with the blogging!


I absolutely adore THESE handbags, in particular the lime green one… but is £102 too much?? haha!

The sun is absolutely beautiful and you know what that means…. time to get the beautiful summer dresses out, treat yourself and laze around with friends? What are your plans?

I really like THESE but I don’t know if they are too plain for all the lovely summery-ness. However they would go with that red dress that I can’t find anything to go with haha! Thoughts please :)

thedailydose -

Plans for this week: 1. lots of blogging to make it up to you all :) 2. reading my keith book – i wanna finish it this week! 3. Meeting up with friends. 4. shopping. 5. Attempting to find the perfect summer sandals. 6. Lots of cross trainer-ing 7. Seeing Joana at the end of the week, that I really can’t wait for!!! 8. Sort out who’s coming/not coming to my birthday and get it booked!

Have a awesome Sunday afternoon :) I am off to cook myself some tea and then laze around :)

Peace and love,



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