A few essentials for Spring/Summer.

 1. A pair of gorgeous chunky sandals. I really liked the ones linked on yesterdays blog – Aim to find a pair that will compliment your wardrobe and your skin tone :)


2. A killing pair of sunglasses. – I have yet to find some. I love big, Audrey ones – but where to find them? Help!


3. A bright coloured nail polish. Neons are definitely in this year – however, if you’re a little resistant to going whole hog why not try some neon nails to brighten your outfit?


4. Feather earrings. – I bought some for my Sister’s birthday meal and I love them – There was a pair in Paris that I absolutely adored – with I had got them :(


5.A 1950’s tie up! – Adding a little bit of vintage to your day makes it so much more worth while. I promise and I love vintage too and felt the need so share it with you all.


6. A bright coloured flow-like skirt. Primark have some lovely ones – as do H&M. Pair it up with some flat sandals or chunky wedges and then a simple straped top – Can’t fail.


7. To be a bronzed goddess. Whether you go away for a few sun worshipping days or bust out the fake tan. The last thing anyone wants to see is paste-y legs on a beautiful summers day :)


8. A wonderfully elaborate sun hat. – You will feel super glamorous!


9. Regular meet up’s with friends. – This is probably the most important and what makes summer so special – it really should be further up on the list! Haha!


10. A few trips up to London in the sunshine. Art galleries, Aquariums the London Eye….. the list is endless. Wondering around with the essentials and just wondering around for endless hours. Perfect.


11. A picnic in the park – Friends. Picnic food and sunshine is the perfect combination :) I promise that this sort of day out will hold so many memories for you. And the fact that you get a tan too is just a bonus.


12. Book something and go somewhere – Whether its a festival, a trip to see friends, somewhere abroad, whatever! This is a summer must!


13. A brightly coloured purse / handbag – it will brighten up your day and your wardrobe :)


I hope you have a fabulous Monday and the weather really is gorgeous today :)

Peace and love,


2 thoughts on “A few essentials for Spring/Summer.

  1. I’m trying to find some wedges because the Jeffrey Campbell ones I wanted are sold out :(
    They have some really nice sunglasses in H&M at the moment… otherwise, have you tried Ebay? Saw some HUGE Vivienne Westwood sunnies for £8 just now! Also, Swapna asked me where your feathery earrings were from, could you let her know?

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