59 things = happiness.


The rolling stones: Joana: Suzi, my dog: Dear John film: Blossom on the trees: Terri: Painting: Watching films: Eating chocolate: Baking cakes, in particular muffins: The Victoria and Albert Museum in London: Spending time with my family: University: Jodie: Wearing vintage clothes: Walking my dog: Pencil Skirts: Johno: Drinking southern comfort and lemonade: Gilmore Girls: Briony: Nights out dancing: Dad: Sunny picnics in the park: Chick flicks: Adele’s rolling in the deep: Running: Becoming a teacher: Annie Lebovitz’ photography: Vera Wang perfume: Auntie Jean: The notebook film: Reading gossip magazines: Painting: Briony: New York City: Smiling: Jack: Looking at old photographs: Dan: Cheese and Onion twists from Marks and Spencers: High heels: St. Tropez fake tan: Pasta: Jackson Pollocks’ work: Swimming: Reading my Keith Richards’ book. Memories: Finding out new things: Wondering down Oxford Street: Doodling: Mum: Purple things: My bracelets: Sex and the City films: Lakeside: Petticoat Lane.

Peace and love,


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