Half Full. Not empty.


I have decided that I really do need to start looking after myself a little bit more. I watched “Katie and my beautiful friends” last night and it got me realising just how much I take for granted. Her story, in particular, was so very moving and I really did feel like she is trying to get the good from people. Although she has had countless amounts of operations and her burns over her face and body have changed her lives, she is still incredibly pretty. She has the opportunity to see how people view others from both sides, which is a pretty powerful thing to have. The people on this programme, showed such courage and such positivity that it really did make me feel quite bad. People, including myself, look at things that are really quite minor as things that effect them, but they don’t. Not really. However, things are not always as bad as they seem :) There is always someone somewhere worse off and the fact you have your health and are fed and warm and comfortable should be more than enough. Life is taken for granted and today (as of.) I have decided to look at things differently. The glass is always half full, not empty.

Click HERE to watch the latest episode and read Katie’s story.

Peace and love,


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