“I actually have goosebumps! Lol…”

 Tomorrow I am seeing the lovely Joana, who I haven’t seen for a shocking 8 weeks! haha! We are going to London for the day and then for a bite to eat… it’s all very exciting and then I have lots of plans for next week, as it is my last week before I go back to uni :) haha… I plan on making the most of it :)

I have always loved the Fast and the Furious films, but I NEED to see this one. Not only for the unbelievable HOTNESS, but the whole thing looks amazing! It is out on Friday (1 week today!) and I plan on seeing it immediately! haha! I MUST see it…. here is some Paul Walker appriciation….. ENJOY!



I actually have goosebumps! Lol… Anyway, need to stop dreaming about Paul….. I find it incredibly unbeleivable that one person can have such amazing looking genes! haha!

Anyway, enjoy your friday night, whatever you’re doing,

Peace and love,


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