“I have had a lovely weekend…”

I have had a lovely weekend, I had a absolutely fabulous day out with Miss Joana yesterday. We went EVERYWHERE! haha…. including: Trafulgar Square, Convent Garden, Oxford Street, Picadilly Circus, Leceister Square, Carnaby Street, EVERYWHERE! haha… I also had wagamama’s for the first time and it was quite nice. :)

I then had work today, which wasn’t so much fun! haha! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend so far, what are your plans for next week? If you have something super exciting happening…. feel free to comment :)

I am going to Colchester tomorrow to spend the whole day with my Sister! :) I am so looking forward to it, even getting the train down there! haha! (I forgot about this photograph above, and it’s quite nice indeed! :))

I have decided that I really need to knuckle down with training for my 26 mile marathon haha! I have done hardly nothing. I am currently watching Run Fatboy Run for inspiration haha! I need to friend to get me up and running by hitting a saucepan really loud! haha! Any volunteers? Sponser me here, I would really appriciate it :)


I hope you have all enjoyed my blogging making it up week this week! I have actually really enjoyed myself, but now I need to do essays and generally get some work down haha! I will be blogging shortly though :)

Peace and love,

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