“to all you guys and dolls…”


I want to start today’s post by saying a huge thank you to all you guys and dolls that come and read my blog. I really do love writing it and I had no idea that I would enjoy it so much. So thank you.

Next up, I have been having a nose around and have found some really good new blogs and websites so I thought I would share them with you :) hee hee…. so here you are.

>> http://kandeelandkandeeland.blogspot.com

Off course I still love Kandeeland written by the talented Kandee Johnson. It was Kandee who inspired me to create my own blog and since then it has got better and better. I love that she takes us everywhere she goes, although as she has just had a beautiful baby girl, she hasn’t has as many videos uploaded… but I’m sure the best is yet to come.

>> http://streetpeeper.com/

Street Pepper is a great website of street photography, art photography and everything in between :) I stumbled across it when I was looking for street photograhy and I thought it was fabulous! Check it out and see what you think :)

>> http://toomanyparties.blogspot.com/

Too many parties is a fantastic fashion photography blog. I love all of it and I think the fact that it is mostly picture based makes it so much more universal. I think it is a really successful blog and I will definitely be a new regular visitor :) I love the Madonna-isque picture right at the top in the title graphics.


A NYC fashion street photographer – what more could I ask for? I absolutely love this blog and love the way that she writes with such enthusiasm! I would also die for her cute little green satchel! Haha! I think you should defiantely check her out and pop her in your favourites! Some really lovely fashion inspiration right here! :)

Anyway, I have my essay still to finish… yesterday I just lost all sense of interest or even care! Haha! But I must finish it today then I can spell check it etc. later in the week…. have a brilliant day all of you :)

Peace and love,


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