Cover to cover.

Being a HUGE Rolling Stones fan, I can honestly say I was always wanted Mick Jagger over any of the others. But after reading AND COMPLETING (a personal acheivement for me!) Keith Richards’ life autobiography, I have some re-thinking to do. It is honestly the best autobiography book I have ever read (Having read Sharon Osbourne’s and other ‘reality’ stars in my chav teenage years.) It is amazing and really gives you a insight into his life. After reading it, it is obvious that still after some forty odd year, Keith is very much still all about the music! Which is a very rare thing in today’s charts. He beleives that if he can touch people with his music and get a mesage out, then he’s doing his job. And some of the tales and stories he shares about the craziness of his life are great! Including growing up in Dartford, Kent, meeting Mick on the train, his relationship with Anita Pallenberg, getting off the junk, meeting Patti, having children, performing, starring in Pirates of the Carribean, the X-pensive Winos, living in Jamaica, falling out of THAT tree, and of course being one of the most talented guitarist in the WORLD! It is a brillinat book, and even if you aren’t too sure about the Stones etc. (if this is the case, you are slightly crazy) just for the story – give it a go!

Peace and love,

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