Grand old age of twenty one.

So, I am now the grand old age of twenty one! Shocking isn’t it? I did so well for presents and really enjoyed myself. Friday, I went to a Royal Wedding Party and then went out for a few drinks afterwards, which was really nice. I then had a bit of a shopping day and then in the evening all my closest friends came out for a lovely meal :) I am so lucky to have friends that come out to celebrate with me :) Then I had Sunday off from work (mainly because I just couldn’t be bothered and so I can drink more! haha!) Then Monday, I went for a lovely pub lunch with my family.

I did so well for presents too! I got shoes, books, cd’s, dvd’s, glasses (the drinking kind,) money, a tiffany necklace, a theatre ticket, a ted baker purse, lots of alcohol, a writing set with really funky stickers, pyjamas, underwear and a lot of lovely keepsake cards :) I did really well and would like to thank everyone for what they got me! :)

I am thinking of buying myself a e reader from all my money. I think it will be really good to have for university and it will hopefully let me read more :) lol…. it will be really handy and I do love a gadget! :) So it’s not all words, here are some photographs of my birthday weekend lol ….

 Peace and love,


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