“So hold your head up, girl and you’ll go far,”

Normally I am not a Lady Gaga kind of girl, I only really like ‘Just Dance,’ but I got listening to her latest song released her in the UK…. ‘Born this way.’ The words of it are absolutely amazing and very inspirational, not sure why I noticed them so much, but I really have today! :)

“There’s nothing wrong with lovin’ who you are,

She said, cause He made you prefect babe,

So hold your head up, girl and you’ll go far,

Listen to me when I say.

I’m beautiful in my way,

‘Cause God makes no mistakes,

I’m on the right track,

baby I was born this way.”


I have been thinking recently about who looks after us, as you will already know from my previous posts on the matter, I have always and will always believe that we are looked after and things always happen for a reason, but what if there is more? Is that silly? What do you believe in?

Well, tomorrow I start back at school. This time, it is extremely important and for a whole 6 weeks long! I will also be working at Clintons on a Sunday, so I have a whole one day off a week! Woo hoo! Haha! So I am going to need a lot of cheering up and chat from all of my lovely readers! :) I am going to be extremely tired, but I will try and do my best in order to keep posting! :)

Peace and love,


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