“After recently turning 21,”

After recently turning 21, I have decided to focus on a few aims to acheive before I turn 30 (which I know is a long way off yet, but if there’s one thing I love it’s to plan :) haha!) So here goes… I wonder what of it will become true and what won’t.

(Photograph above courtesy of the lovely Chelsea from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chelseas365/5215495169/ )

1. Go to Camp America.
2. Become a cool and funky Teacher.
3. Find someone lovely and perfect.
4. Get engaged.
5. Move into my own place.
6. Return to New York City.
7. Travel a little. (India, Italy, California.)
8. Be a bridesmaid at my Sister’s wedding.
9. Buy my first peice of furniture.
10. Complete something massive fore charity.
11. Be happy.

I have had a really lovely weekend, it has resulted in Indian dinner with my Mum and Aunt, shopping, lush bath ballisitics, belated birthday presents and ladybird game making ready for the kidderlywinks tomorrow. I hope you all had a lovely time too :)

Peace and love,


2 thoughts on ““After recently turning 21,”

  1. Thanks Chelsea,
    All done :) I’m sorry, although I’ve been doing my blog a little while, I only really know the basics etc. haha! Hope this is all okay :)
    Peace and love, xx

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