Show me what you got.

I haven’t done a fashion blog for a little whilte, so thought I would. I have bought a few bits and bobs recently, but mostly I am trying to re-vamp my summer buys from last year. There are quite a few bargains in the sale at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled and look out for some summer buys.

Maxi dresses are back and although I am super jealous of these ones on the SATC girls, I will settle for my one I bought in the winter from H&M – origianlly £35 doen to just £15! – shown below. I also treated myself to more of a casual one for school, just a plain black strapless one, nice a floaty for all the running around, for just £9 from primark – another massive bargain from the wonders of Primark! How they sell such up to now fashion peices for so cheap is beyond me and they really do last too!

Another huge on-trend this summer, is the neon brights. They are fun and funky and really do shine confidence and happiness. If you a little pale (like me!) do beware of yellows and lighter tones. Same if you are fair, orange isn’t always your friend! haha! Just some headers. :)

Some good fashion blogs to follow and twitterise are: 5 inch and up, blair on a budget, ring my bell, sofia’s journal, Iamfashion, Facehunter and many more…..

Finally, on a bit of a side note, although school work has been ridiculously hard and I am constantly tired, I have managed to lose 4 lbs last week… best keep up the good work :) Yay for me!

Peace and love,

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