I am continually jealous of people. I look and I just think how gorgeous that girl looks, or how much that girls clothes suit her. I have gone through a lot of phases in my time…. At school, I was in the jeans and a top and pumps mood as I was afriad I wouldn’t “fit in.” Shallow I know, but it was school and I suppose it’s just like one of those things. Then when I went to college, I decided I was going to wear whatever I liked and I begun to wear the brightest colours I could find and clashing all of them together :) I went through quite a arty phase and I’ll be honest, I think this was when I was at my happiest, (clothes wise) just simply because I didn’t care what people thought or said. I was friend with all sorts of mix match people and we all dressed differently, and we still do. Then I went onto my art diploma and I started to look at what actually suited me, I tried to match clothes and make them a little bit different. University has again made me change my look, I wear a lot of “now” clothes, whereas before I would change my old ones. I love clothes, I really do. I love that you can just put a top on and automatically feel nicer about yourself.

However, lately, I honestly don’t know where my confidence has gone. I am constantly bothered about what people think and how I look, and I think being at this school, where all the teachers sit and whisper constantly (they are extremely gossip-y) it has made it all much worse. I need to get back to college mind set. I wanna wear exactly what I like and not care. It is really hard though when people expect teachers to look a certain way.  


Nowadays, people constantly tell me that I have a sense of vintage about me. I take this as a huge compliment. I always think that I would love to go back to parachute dresses and shoulder pads. The dresses from the 1950’s are beautiful and required such craft, not like now, where everything is made in bulk. In those days, it was your Mum and Grandma that made your clothes. One-off’s. Classics.

And now to get back on track.

Peace and love,


One thought on “Heartstrings.

  1. You are gorgeous.
    If people want to gossip about what you’re wearing, let them – it’s jealousy and it’s nothing you can do anything about. Strap your shoulder pads on, hold your head high, and wink at them if they stop talking when you walk past :)
    Love you lots xxx

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