Absolutely spotless.

Every wanted absolutely perfect skin with no blemishes or bumps, or spots or freckles or anything? Here’s some tricks and tips that I have for all you wanting exactly that. :) Enjoy… Solution 1 is a secret ingredient that Miss Kandee Johnson is going to share with us :) You will be amazed, but please do be careful with the eyes area, I tried this and it stings like hell if you get that stuff in your eyes! haha!

Solution 2 is a derma wand! My mum actually has one of these for maturing skin (shall we say! haha) and it is kinda scary to use haha! And I am a little unsure as to if it works or not… but her goes…

Solution 3 is to moisturise! haha! People actually forget to do this and of course, like your body skin, your face skin needs moisture, whether it be in the winter or the summer or whenever! So treat yourself to a decent face moisture that will be gently on your skin and help those cracked pores. (A good one is steam cream – google it!)

Solution 4 is to buy a amazing face scrub. Freederm, face scrubs etc. Tea tree is a main focus that you want to look out for when buying one as it kill all bacteria and works really well by getting deep into those dirty pores. Superdrug do a great and affordable tea tree range!

My final solution is the Dr. Nick Lowe Dermatologist range. I have recently been using the face foam, cleanser, spot gel and moisturiser that it all oil controlling twice a day. It really does work and I highly recommend it! I used it for one night and once I woke in the morning I saw a considerable difference. Quite pricey – but worth while!

I hope this helps and I hope we can all have beautifully unmarked skin together very soon! haha!

Peace and love,


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