Thinking out loud….

So today’s blog is little bit of a mixture. I have been thinking a lot about what I want my first place to look like, fashion items I want to get, shoes I need, holiday bits and bobs, what makes me happy and just generally beliefs and morals. I find it amazing how a persons beliefs can differ so dramatically. Some people beleive that things should happen a certain why and others seem to just go with the flow. I would love to be one of those people. Just buy a ticket and see where the day takes me… I have been reading “Yes Man” by Danny Wallace for just over a month now and it is really making me see things in a different light. People are quite negative when you think about day to day situations, whether it be about work or travelling to/from work, being somewhere you don’t wnat to be, ignoring people, not being friendly, thinking sad thoughts, not realising how lucky you actually do have it…. It just got me thinking.



I really am going to try and be happier with what I have. I mean, of course they are things I wish I could have, but you never know, I might have them one day, there is absolutely nothing to stop me. Yes, I want to be healthier, so why am I not doing anything about this? And yes, I want to be more knowledgable about learning theories and genreally teaching stuff, so it can just flow out without me trying….. so from now on, I am going to just go for it…


I have got a plan, I know I want to live in New York at some point in my life, I know I want to be a teacher, I know I want to get married and have children. But that’s it…. I don’t really know what elseΒ  want. Is that strange? Do you your whole life planned out? I know people that have yearly targets and are sticking to them like glue. My friends are determined to be married etc. by the time they are 35 and I don’t know if I have real limits.


I know I write, things I want to do before I’m 30, but in the big picture, I don’t really mind if they happen before/after I have planned and that blog was so difficult to do, becasue I really don’t like to think about what I will be doing in “x” amount of years. You never know what might change your life.


I hope this has been a good blog for you all to read. I have really enjoyed writing it and it has got a lot off of my chest (so to speak!) haha! My sister has come home for the weekend and although I missed all of today’s shinannigans, she is cooking Me and my Mum a lovely indian dinner with naans and samosas and allsorts…. I can’t wait. I hope you all have a fabulous evening and a lovely lie in in the morning!

Peace and love,


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