“… generally pampering…”

So, this week it is girly week in the Polly May household. My dad has gone away for the week so it’s chocolate and sloshy films and trips to lakeside and generally pampering. (I had the most lovely bath last night with these melting bath petal things – was lovely!


Anyway, it was my first day back at school today and I had so much fun! Although it is very much responsibility crunch time, I have got to teach 50% and as things are handled a little differently in foundation years, I know I’m going to struggle and little :/ but I am sure it will be fine :)

I have been doing the Beyonce let’s move workout 2/3 times a day. And I am really enjoying it :) I love the fact that she is wearing heels and denim shorts and there is not one bit that wobbles or moves where it is not supposed to… I can dream and I plan on doing some spinning classes or gym or something over the summer so that will be good :) I really do want to tone up and I need to get going for my marathon which is going to be here before I know it.


I am thinking of getting my hair permed curly. I have always wanted curly hair and am thinking I should just go for it…. thoughts please…. lol.

Cheryl Cole…. all a fix or was she actually sacked. It is going to come out, but I can hardly believe that this is what our news is about. It’s on the radio and the telly and in the papers. Yes, she is from the UK but do people really see her as THAT much of a “icon.”Β She is a singer, but she has never helped anyone in need, orΒ made a amazing donation to a charity or just turned up at the local hospital to visit people. Nothing. I really just don’t get it….

I am so excited to go on holiday in the summer and I really hope that I get a little summer job to give me a few extra pennies. I don’t really mind missing a summer because all my friends are going to be working, so there’s not really going to be anything to do anyway. Fingers crossed :)

Peace and love,

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