Seriously worrying…


So, I 0nly have 1 week left at school. I cannot wait for it to be finished now! I want to sleep and laugh and mess around with my friends. Not be hit and kicked and spat at and then nothing appears to happen. I can only threaten so far! Anyway…. rant over.

I got a interview for summer camp! It is a whole 3 hours long (which means I have got to ring in ‘sick’ to work! haha! ) on Sunday but fingers crossed everything will go really well! It is really good money and it will be such good experience. It will also help me when I apply to Camp America next year… it fits in with everything I do, and I really do hope it goes well. Fingers and toes crossed for me please everybody.


The week has been so exhausting and I really do need to rest more next week, but I will try my hardest to keep up with my blogging. So, my weekend will be chinese and girly night in tongiht with Mumberly full of chocolate and rock cakes haha! Then tomorrow, I am going to get my father’s day present for my dad and a few bits and peices for school, and hopefully a little treat for myself haha! Then Sunday it’s my interview and hopefully seeing Joana…. but we’ll see. haha! I hope it all goes okay.

I received my email from the marathon people today and the amount of miles I have to walk everyday is worrying. Seriously worrying. I am supposed to power walk for 2 hours per day EVERY DAY, but I am going to walk tomorrow and Sunday morning before my interveiw. I really hope it rains on the actual day, then I will stay cool and I can bust out my anarak haha! It is worryingly close now… Please sponsor me at this link:

Anyway, I have lots and lots of planning to do and Mum will be back soon with Chinese to cook. So have a fabulous weekend everyone! :)

Peace and love,


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