“… one of the best days in a very long while.”

Today is prooving to be one of the best days in a very long while. The sun is shining, I have applied for Year 2 of my University course, sorted my money for it, got myself some summer camp work over the summer and only have a little while left before wireless and my holiday and seeing all my lovely friends. :) Woop woop!

Did anyone manage to see Beyonce perform at Glastonbury last night? It was amazing and apparently she is the first woman in 20 years to headline at the famous festival. Pretty impressive! (And I got some sneak-peaks of Jay Z haha!) I really do love her!

Tomorrow I will be offically off from Uni and ready for my summer woop woop! I cannot wait and I really do need the break at the moment, today has been the first day in a little while that I have just pottered about and not really done an awful lot lol… I plan to finish my book today and watch some films… any suggestions?

Anyway, I am off to melt some more haha!

Peace and love,


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