“It is only in fairytales and chick flicks…”

So, I have just watched the last episode of ‘Made in Chelsea’. I have been a keen follower of the show, since it started earlier in the summer. I love it! I thought it was a perfect ending, but quite sad, but I think that in real life, this would probably happen. It is only in fairytales and chick flicks that the boy ever makes it to the airport in time haha! I wish this would happen to me one day… so romantic! haha! And, yes I know I am getting a little bit involved, but I think Spencer and Caggie would make a brilliant couple! haha!

Anyway, on a slightly more personal level, it’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow and while buying his birthday present earlier, I decided to treat myself (or rather my Mum treated me) to Beyonce’s new album ‘4’. It is amazing! I love almost every song on it and am soon going to put it onto my ipod so I can listen to it all day long :) haha!

I am now offically completed in my first year of University. It is so scary how quickly it has gone. I was so nervous when I started and literally thought ‘what the hell is everyone going on about’. But I know feel a little more knoweldgable and I definately think I have learnt lots. I have met some lovely people, but to be honest, University isn’t at all what I thought it was going to be. It’s a hell o a lot of hard work and staying in to make your folders all right and it’s a lot of time and effort. I honestly thought it would be like when I was at college, which was, in comparison, a breeze! haha!

So, what else? Erm…. my sponsors are coming in nicely now, but I still need your help to reach my target and help all of those children struggling with cancer. We can do something. Please visit http://www.sponsormetoshine.org/sarahlouisedow and please give whatever you can today.

I am a definate believer in the ‘what goes around, comes back around’ way of thinking. I think that everyone should treat people how they would like to be treated, even if deep down, you don’t really feel that a certain person deserves that, I do feel that everyone needs to respect each other. I know that this is a bit of a random fact to just throw out there, but I needed to say it, this kind of topic has come up a lot today.

Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous evening, whatever you’re up to!

Peace and love,



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