“Truth be told, I just want to be Elle Woods.”

So it’s wireless tomorrow and it’s crazy how quickly this has come around! Haha! Life is general is good at the moment, I feel. Everything seems to slowly but surely be slipping into place :) haha… I absolutely love this festival / summer look (above)! It looks so comfy and cosy aswell as fun and flirty :) Always a good combo! :) I wish I had the legs for this.Oh, speaking of legs and generally wearing more random garments than my usual stuff, stay turned for tomorrow’s outfit… It is very exciting and a little out of the norm for me, if I do say so myself… but I feel I haven’t really got anything to lose. It’s summer, and I am going to a festival, so I can get away with it haha! I also plan to join a gym beginning/end of next week – I put both because I’m not sure when haha! – I need to have a bit of a ‘shop around’ and see where is reasonable, but it’s needs to be close so that I can do more walking in preparation for my 26.2 mile marathon for Children’s Cancer Research Uk – Please if you haven’t already, please do sponsor me, it’s the end of the month and while you’ve got some pennies is always good :P You need to visit my sponsorship page, which is… http://www.sponsormetoshine.org/sarahlouisedow

I absolutely love this desk scene. I think I could possibly write the best assignment known to me! lol…. I just think it’s really calming and really pink and girly… what’s not to like? Ay? lol… I think I am definately going to start buying some new pink things and I am so excited that I need to get all the new stationary for my second year hahaha… I’m thinking maybe pink? haha! I would also love a tablet to take into my lectures and write nots on, but we will just have to see how that goes. Truth be told, I just want to be Elle Woods. lol.

This is the cutest micro piglet I have ever seen in my life! I want one so badly. I think they are so cute, can you imagine taking it out for walks and things? haha! And the amount of food they would eat is ridiculous! haha! Pigs are, however, one of the cleanest animals around, which is, of course, a very handy fact to use throughout your day to day lives ha!

Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous Friday, I will, of course check in over the weekend and I will let you all know how awesome wireless is tomorrow, I am having so much fun right now and I really can’t wait for tomorrow, I’ve been waiting for ages. I haven’t been this happy, for a little while now. Odd, how it just comes around and you realise everything is going to be fine :)

Peace and love,


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