Wireless 2011…

First things first – what I wore: Shorts £8 – primark, Bandeau bra £3 – primark, Sheer cream waterfall back shirt £10 – primark, Hat £6 – H&M, Tan plaited bag £6- primark, Sunnies – can’t remember haha! (I must confess I did ditch the hat though – it wasn’t sunny enough haha!)

It was AMAZING! I saw Tinie Tempah, Example, Bruno Mars, Plan B, Mike Posner and the headliners – The BLACK EYED PEAS! It was so much fun and I enjoyed it all so much :) My friend Briony, who I went with seemed to enjoy herself as this was her first festival. It was oooo good, I can’t tell you how much fun I had, but I slept so hard haha! I was exhausted afterwards. It started around 4pm and ended at 10.45pm – which I suppose isn’t really that long, but jumping around and dancing, I think I definately shifted a few pounds haha!

Bruno Mars was pretty good and I loved how he loved the English becasue he thought we talked funny! haha! He sung songs including ‘The Lazy Song,’ ‘Billionaire,’ ‘Greenade,’ and ‘Nothing on you.’

Tinie Tempah was absolutely amazing live and I would happily pay for a concert ticket to see just him! He got the whole crowd going – all 65,000 of us! He sang ‘Wonderman,’ ‘Miami to Ibiza,’ ‘Pass Out,’ ‘Illusion,’ and ‘Written in the stars.’ AMAZING.

And then of course, the amazing BLACK EYED PEAS! I had heard that they were a little bit dissapointing live, but I thought they were fricking amazing! They were so good, and I actually forgot how many brilliant songs they have had out. My favourite era was the I gotta feeling/Boom boom pow bit, but I honestly can’t think of one song I don’t like of theirs haha! They were so good…. Clips! clips!

I could go on and on about what an amazing day I had and I really could! It was awesome, from the Garfunkel’s we had, to walking down Oxford Street, to sitting around to go in, to it taking 2 hours to get home because I am certain all 65,000 were trying to get on the same train! haha! It was awesome, even third year down the line! :) I wonder how they can top Basement Jaxx (2009) Jay Z (2010) an now Black eyed peas (2011?) AMAZED.

Peace and love,

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