A few vintage finds…

This is my fabulous new jumpsuit (that was bought to  wear to the Priscilla show in London.) and I love it! It was so comfortable and I felt quite nice in it. I do now think that anything vintage style or a little ‘retro’ suits me as I am an hourglass shape.

Here a bit of a close up of the pattern on the fabric and the general idea of it. It is from H&M and a bargain at just £25! It is definitely a keep and as it is already styled in the 1950’s way, it will never go out of fashion. Timeless. Perfect.

My next find was this lovely head band, covered in pinkness and pears! haha! It is really lovely, when you can’t really be bothered to wash or make much effort, you can style your hair in a up-do way and pop this lovely headband on. It was originally £7 in Topshop, which I do think I would pay for it… but I paid just £1! Shocking I know. Now for the hairstyle…

Here is a little sneak peek at my hairstyle that I wore with it. It only took me about 2 minutes and basically, all I did was I pinned all the top parts up and I made them a bit more puffed upwards than I would normally. Then it was just a case of weaving the others bits that were left inwards and pinning them in. I hadn’t done this before and it really was just a little idea, but I think it came out quite good haha! Go and have a go! :)

This lovely glasses were from River Island. originally at £12, I tried them on previously, but I decided that was a little bit too much money to spend on them. So, by complete fluke when I went in there to have a nose around, there they were at a bargain of just £3! I do love how Marilyn they are and I am still yet to decide whether I should wear them outside the house or not. I am currently wearing them to read my book before I go to bed haha!

As this is a fashion blog, I was wondering whether any of you reading this would know where I could get a really nice massive floppy hat for my holidays? Any ideas? I did find a nice one in New Look, but didn’t look at the price. Also, what do you think about my purchases… love or hate? I recently went to ‘Beyond Retro’ near Carnaby Street in London, and although I wasn’t in there long, I did find a lot of things that I loved… I just love vintage clothes – real or just in th style of. 1950’s is definitely my favourite era, with their tucked in waists and contrasting volume skirts. I just love it. I wish someone would just give me heaps and heaps of the stuff! haha! I do, however, think that it is a good idea to put your own spin on something like that. By teaming a modern styled top with a 1950’s pencil skirts always looks nice and creates your own look, because remember: Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

Peace and love,


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