I need you…

My internet has been being really quite annoying… and I wanted to post to you all, but have only just been able to. I firstly wanted to say, thankyou for reading my previous post, Harry Potter: Until the end. It took quite a long time a lot of research… but the final film was so good, I felt I had to do something about it :) haha!

I went to see ‘Bridesmaids’ last night and I thought it was really good. I thought it was going to be very much like a girls version of ‘The Hangover’, but it wasn’t :) haha! It had loads of meaning and was absolutely hilarious. It covered friendship, jealously, love, and 9 andrex puppies! haha! It was really good and I think that you should all go and see it haha! Here’s a little trailer for you to decide whether you want to or not…

So, a couple of movies that are definitely on my hit list are: The inbetweeners – this looks AMAZING! And being a huge fan of the comedy series and owning all 3 of them on DVD (I am actually watching series 3 as I type this :)) Footloose – I know cheesy right? I have seen the original one and thought it was really good, and after watching the trailer in the cinema last night, the new one obviously is going to be even better. I just need to find someone or persuade someone, which is probably more of the case haha!

So, I got in from seeing my lovely friend Tasha today, who I haven’t seen in yonks! It has been far too long and I actually miss our days mucking around and doing nothing that much at all during our art diploma. Anyway, back on track, my Shine pack was here! I got my number (763) my route of where it will be taking part (basically the whole of London! haha!) a training guide, a sponsorship form and my SHINE T-SHIRT! I really need all the help that I can get. Please help me raise my aim of £300 for charity and support all those suffering children. You never know your sponsorship could help a child that is really suffering from the unfortunately common disease, Cancer. Just go to www.sponsormetoshine.org/sarahlouisedow and click on the sponsor us button. I will love you forever and I am considering giving out a free hug with every donation haha! Ask people you know, Mums, Dads, Sister, brothers, Boyfriends, friends… whoever. I NEED YOU!

I am off to get organised now. I am working 17 days straight as of tomorrow and so everything else needs to get sorted :) I need to tidy round, read some of my book, re-take my child safety test, and fit in some sort of training for my marathon. I think this is going to kill me. Speak soon.

Peace and love,

Polly-May xx


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