Happy girl with Happy news!

Oxford Street is known as one of the most amazing places for any shopper, in the world. It is known as some what of a Shopper’s paradise and has everything you would require on a shopping trip; cheap affordable stores to the more ‘I wish I could have them, but really can’t and need to walk away quickly stores’. Haha! My favourite store in the whole wide world is Selfridges and, of course, you have to go through the whirl-y doors. However, there is a close contendor….

When I was last in the beautiful city that is New York. I managed to spend about $40 on jewellery in one particular shop and I am today, oh so happy because it’s coming to OXFORD STREET, LONDON!!!! The shop I am rambling on about is of course Forever 21. In the past, I have been known to called it a ‘funkier’ H&M, a bit of a finders store and a place you can get something a little bit unusual. I cannot wait for it to open and only hope that it is as good as it was in the states.

Just from looking at the images, I cannot wait to get my hands on those gorgeous Mui Mui styled shoes…. and when can you do this? Why, the 27th July of course! As I am working heaps right now, I won’t be able to go as soon as it opens, which really bums me out. However, I will definitely be going before I go on holiday :) Eeeeek! And possibly spending all my spends that were intended for my trip haha!

I’m going to my new summer job tomorrow… I am not really sure what ‘setting up’ entails, but hopefully I will meet some fellow staff and get to know what will be happening a little bit more :) I will, of course, let you know how it all goes :)

Peace and love and shopping plans at the ready,

Polly-May xx

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