Unprovoked outburst.

Hey everyone, sorry for not blogging an awful lot recently. I have been so ridiculously tired – I have been in bed by 8pm most nights haha! The summer camp job is going really well and I was really enjoying it, however, today there was a new turnover of children and they are so much harder than last weeks. I must be doing something as I have been ‘promoted’ as a Group Co-ordinator (in charge of actual alive children. haha!)

So, anyway, I wanted to write a little bit on my friend, Briony. It was her birthday on Saturday and as I am incredibly close to her and we see each other very often I wanted to say I hope you had the most amazing birthday and really enjoyed every second of your birthday weekend. :)

It is slightly depressing that shops already have winter coats and jumpers in their stores. Primark in particular have some really lovely pieces that I might have to spend some of my student loan on. I always try to swap my wardrobe around so that I look different and as I have a Summer & Winter wardrobe, it is really difficult to find some of the things from the previous summer! For example, I have no idea where my cape is from 2010 haha! I will have to find it as it’s one of my favs! Topshop have also got some lovely bits and peices but the only thing with that shop is I find quite a lot that I like on the website and then I go in the store and there’s nothing at all in there. Does anyone else have this problem? haha!

Well, I am off for some well-earned sleep, but I hope you have a fabulous evening and I will be back :)

Peace and love, Polly-May xx



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