Fighting never achieves anything.

So, I have been super busy the past few days. I have been dinnering and shopping and lunching and generally catching up with everyone before I go away next week. So, Saturday was dinner with my lovely friend Briony (who I’m going on holiday with.) It was lovely to see her and make all the final plans for going on holiday! I am now so excited I can literally not wait. I just want to be at that airport and then get on that beautiful big silver bird and then whooooosh! I’ll be there! haha! Last night I went to see the funniest movie I have seen in a very long time; Horrible bosses. With the most well known cast I have seen in a very long time… Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, P.J. Byrne, Steve Wiebe, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston – just to name a few. It was so funny and the fact that I got to go with my lovely friend, Joana, who I don’t get to see very often, made it even better. Here is the trailer for it and the funniest bit of the film (sorry about the quality of the latter, but it was the best I could find :)

You are probably aware of the riots taking part nationally here in Britain and although I don’t want this blog to be a ‘down in the dump’ one, I feel that it is important to recognise it. I was evacuated out of where I was eating dinner last night, before seeing the film and I can honestly say I felt unsafe. There were youths turning up, however only two policemen were patrolling the area I was in. As they turned up, they had bats, metal pipes, planks of wood and were generally ready to cause some sort of trouble. This isn’t just happening locally, however, the fact that it is makes it so much more real. Enfeild and Hackney have had some of the worst fires they have ever seen. It’s really scary. There is not really any need for it and although they are getting the media attention that they ‘want’, nothing is going to be resolved. Fighting never achieves anything.

One of the girls from my year at school, has gone onto become a really successful singer songwriter. Her name is Leddra Chapman and I actually love her voice. She did some singing at school, but I had no idea that she was that talented. She voice is so beautiful and she makes it seems effortless. The first video is her singing ‘Heartbeat’ which I believe is one of her newer songs… I love the base that comes in on the second verse and the echoing on the chorus. The last video is ‘Story’ which is another one of her favourites of mine…. The video is pretty nifty too – I love the paper aeroplanes! What do you think? Check her out:

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for at the moment. I have major holiday planning to do and I need to sort out if I have everything. I really do wish that everyone is safe and being looked after tonight and I hope that all this rioting will stop – It’s getting out of hand.

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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