Drop beats, not bombs….

A few of my favourites at the moment, I love all sorts of music, so here goes…..

Having bought her album ‘Who you are’ earlier on this year. I am now officially a huge fan of Jessie J…. She is a rare talent. Her live stuff sounds very much the same as her album, which is something that doesn’t happen very often in the ‘popular chart music’ scene. She is also a bit of a ‘local’ girl, growing up in Redbridge until she later enrolled at Brits School. Her latest single ‘ Who’s laughing now’ is my favourite from her album and I am so pleased that she has released it and shown the world what she’s made of!

Beyonce has always been an idol of mine. She is an amazingly talented young woman and a pretty decent person too! She recently assisted Michelle Obama with her ‘Getting America moving’ programme. Her latest single from her album, ‘4’ is definitely my ‘Camp anthem’ as everywhere I went it was being played, and I also listened to it every day on my way to work. haha! I also love track number 10, ‘End of time,’ but for now, here’s ‘Best thing you never had’.

I am not sure about this one… am in two minds. However, being a hugely obsessed Stones fan, I just had to add this video with the beauty that is…… Mick Jagger. How anyone can say he isn’t gorgeous, I honestly am baffled by. Her Sister has all of Maroon 5’s albums so I have always had their music around and, of course, their more popular songs such as ‘She will be loved’ and ‘If I never see your face again’ being a part of my growing up, it was hard to miss them! This song is called ‘Moves like Jagger’ featuring Christina Aguleria, who hasn’t made a appearance since her part in the film Burlesque. So it is for you…

This is such a huge summer tune! I went to Wireless Festival in July and this is definitely my dance anthem of the summer! The atmosphere when this was on was amazing! Yesterday it came on the music channels and I turned it right up and proceeded to dance around the living room for the whole song! Haha! I was so worn out afterwards, but just listening to this song makes me want to dance and go out! haha! So, here’s Black eyed peas’ ‘Don’t stop the party!’ :)

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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