Scary Stuff.

So, it’s the 1st September already. Where has this summer gone? Seriously. I feel like I have blinked and missed it! haha! I still have 3 weeks until I am back at Uni and plan to use this time wisely. I need to get going with some reading and as I plan to really get my head down when I go back, I wanna see people and go out as much as possible haha! I had a lovely time last night at Briony’s. We had chinese and generally depressed each other that we weren’t still in Turkey haha! I need to get back there, seriously. I am having major withdrawal symptoms today. These include: listening to ‘holiday’ tunes on repeat, not having a vodka and orange in my hand, wishing that I was browner than I am and generally not sitting around doing nothing. But enough whining,

So, my plans for September: these are going to be a bit of a mixture. August seemed to fly by so quickly that I feel I need to set myself a few more thigns to do in September. haha! I want to start University and really ‘throw’ myself into it. I need to get my grades up and want to do well as this year actually counts towards my degree. Scary Stuff! haha! I need to go to London a few times before I start Uni too, as I won’t get to do this for a little while. I also need to get going with walking more and generally getting a bit more fit ready for my marathon which is just 4 weeks away. I can’t believe how quickly everything has come around. I will be Christmas before we know it :/ haha!

I watched the performances at the VMA’s last night and thought they were all pretty good. Like Briony, I was a bit disappointed with Adele’s performance of ‘Make you feel my love.’ This is simply because she always does exactly the same thing over andย overย again. Piano. Black dress, Hair in a bun, Mic. That’s it. You can almost guess the performance before she does it, and that’s not much fun. Although Lady Gaga is completely off her rocker – her performance at the VMA’s was AMAZING! She kept in the character of a strange italian man for the duration of the event, however the collaboration with Brian May and her performance of You & Me was unbelievable.

I am in a bit of a strange mood today. I feel a bit sad that I’m home and not still away, but I feel like I’m waiting for something to happen, even though nothing has actually been said or done. Really odd. I don’t really what to do with myself haha! On a bit of a side note; and after having a massive chat with Briony last night, whether this applies to you reading this or not, I honestly believe that in life, if something is making you unhappy, change it. It’s your life and your should be the one to control it.

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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