Friendship is someone knowing everything about you, and they still like you….

So, yesterday I went off for a day full of fun and fabulous-ness. I went to Southend yesterday for the day with Miss Briony Rogers, so that we could see the penny machines and generally get out of our holiday blues haha! I got so excited, like a little kid…. haha! I do love Southend as I was dragged there almost every weekend when I was younger haha! I had a lovely day and was sad that it went so quickly.

We also went to see The new Inbetweeners film and it was absolutely hilarious! I can’t believe that it was so good. They played their perfect roles, just the same as the series and it really was one of the best films that I have seen this year! I can honestly say I’m not surprised that it has gone so well with its’ takings and the success of its release. If you have seen the series (I am a massive fan and own all of them on DVD) then go and see it, it really will leave you in the best mood and it has such a happy ending… the dancing is also HILARIOUS! Haha!

I have been having such fun since I came back from holiday. Seeing all the important people and I didn’t even realise how much I missed seeing everyone. Life is pretty dull, when you forget such simple things. I am a lot happier in myself, which is strange because, I only had a couple of weeks away haha! I obviously needed the break more than I realised.

My Sister has also been down for the day today, which was, of course, lovely. We didn’t do anything particularly exciting, just a bit of a wonder and then some yummy Italian dinner, but it was lovely to see her and she really should come down to ‘our end of the woods’ more often :) haha!

I am looking to go to Istanbul at some point in the next 9 months. I really want to go, as it has so much history and is so pretty in all the photographs that I have seen. I am, however, completely clueless in how much it is, and whether it is known for being expensive etc. I also need to find someone to go with haha! So, it’s literally just an idea at the moment, but I am sure I can persuade someone, somewhere haha! We will have to wait and see….

Anyway, I am off to eat my take-away haha! (I really do need to get back to my healthy eating haha!)

Peace and love, Polly-May xx


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