“I need to grow and and take responsibility for things. But it’s so boring haha!”

(Above: thought is was HILARIOUS! haha! Can’t stop laughing at it…)

Today has most definitely been one of those days.

So, I got up, got dressed, watched gilmore girls! haha! Hopped in my car and drove to University. I get up the road and she bleeps at me for petrol. I get to University and the tutor who I have contacted to meet and get a book I need, isn’t there. I get back in my car and drive to meet my friend, Hannah for some lunch. Get lost in the car park. Leave lunch and the traffic is ridiculous, get to Lakeside and change shoes for different pair, but have no receipt. But lucky the man did take pity on me and let me swap anyway! haha! It just seemed to be one thing after another.

But then I thought. No, don’t let anything get to you. There are people dealing with much more awful things than all these silly little things. I turned my music up and sang so hard! haha! So, just remember when you think that you’re really having a crappy day, there is always someone much worse off than you and you should be grateful for wheat you have. I promise, if you look at life this way, yu will be a happy bunny indeed :)

I am so looking forward to the rest of this week – Seeing Terri tomorrow with the possibilities of Westfield at Stratford depending on pennies, seeing Joana, who I haven’t seen since before mine and her holiday :D Seeing Briony and possibly getting our feet nibbled on Thursday and staying over. Doing something else on Friday haha! Then hopefully, my weekend will get filled up a little more haha! I love having all this time to see people.Β  Wish I wasn’t going back to Uni actually, and could just continue to see my friends and roll out of bed when I want, but as the little voice in my head keeps telling me, I need to grow and take responsibility for things. But it’s so boring haha!

Peace and love, Polly May xxx


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