A bit of a natter.

So, I am now going into my last week before going back to Uni and I feel that I really have made the most of my summer. I have worked at Barracudas and met some pretty cool people, this will also help me with stuff in the future. I have kept my Sunday job, read lots of books (check out my Book& Such page,)  been on holiday, saw Priscilla up the west end, went to Wireless Festival, been to Colchester Zoo, seen Joana, Briony, Megan, Terri, Jodie, Tasha and Helen lots! :D I have been away to Turkey and had the best time ever! I have passed my maths re-submission and have already organised to meet up with tutors when I go back to improve my work and get the best grades that I can :) So, all in all a very good summer.

I have had a lovely few days with Miss Briony Rogers; we went shopping and had lunch and then cooked everyone dinner and then watched films and popped into Romford and then Briony came round for dinner at mine last night… it was lots and lots of fun :D

With my slight addiction finally being fed; Made in Chelsea is back! I loved the first series and made it something of a routine to watch it every Monday night at 10.00. And now it’s back! :D I really hope it is as good as I remember and that Caggie makes a apperance at some point, as she was my favourite one haha!

So, today I am going to start my training properly for my marathon. I am going to walk 5 miles today and hopefully build it up as the week goes on. I really hope to walk 10-12 miles by the end of the week. So, I will let you know how this goes :) Please sponsor me! I got a letter in the post yesterday that stated these facts; £54 could buy 22 thermometers, £260 could buy a microarray machine that identifies cancer genes and £677 could cover one persons chemotherapy testing. So please sponsor me, it means the world. Ooo, before I forget; stay tuned for a Autumn/Winter fashion essentials blog that I am working on at the moment. I hope to include a mixture of wish peices and affordable ones; so there will be high street and selfridges (haha!)

Right, well I am off. I want to do a few bits and peices, and obviously, walk my target of 5 miles! :D Wish me luck….

Peace and love, Polly-May xxx


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