I had a lovely day in Camden town…

So, I went to Camden Lock for the first time ever yesterday (Another thing to cross off my list!) :) I bought a lovely velvet head wrap thing and you can wear it in all different ways. It’s a light blue colour and looks really vintage styled, so it will go lovely with my fur coat this winter :) YAY! I didn’t eat in Camden, which is a shame because there was some really lovely ‘street food’ as Terri called it haha! The markets and little shops were so good and they had some of the most unusual clothes and little bits and bobs I’ve ever seen, however, everything I saw was wearable. Definitely a place I need to go back to when I have lots of pennies and buy lots and lots! :) haha!… Then it was off to the photo shoot…

Elite Studios was located down a small little street, just down from Camden Market in what looked like a house, and I have to admit I was in two minds. But from the minute we went in, we felt at ease and I was so excited, I didn’t really have time to get nervous about getting my photograph taken or feeling silly. It was such a good experience and something that I will remember forever. We wore three outfits, were given unlimited drinks and then had our make-up and hair done. (We chose smokey eyes and curly hair – but you can pick whatever you like :)) And then the photographs were taking with a very friendly and nice photographer, who didn’t make us feel awkward at all. Then we got changed back into our normal (going home) clothes and went into the selection room, where you sit with someone and choose which of the photographs you like the best and which ones you would consider buying. We got an amazing offer on ours, but if you do go to one of these sort of places, do be careful – I know people who have gone away spending £1800!!! Just be clear and haggle – make it seem like you really want them and that you can’t quite afford that much and you should be able to get a really good deal :)

After our photo shoot, we went to Tottenham Court Road and walked all the way along – right down to Forever 21 (just across from Bond Street) where Terri bought a lovely kimono and a little owl necklace. Then it was Pizza Hut time (I would recommend it) and time for home.

So anyway, I had the best day and I really do want to go back to Camden, it was o good. I thought I would stick out like a sore thumb, but we didn’t. People just like you for you (or so it seems) and there was none of those bitchy stares or looking down their nose at you. It was just a really nice place. :) Anyway, here are the photos that we chose – I hope you like :)

Peace and love, Polly-May xxx


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